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Robert: Positively Living: Adult or Grown Child, Which are you?

Robert: Positively Living: Adult or Grown Child, Which are you?

Positively Living
by Robert Colling

This is my first posting for Positively Living . I wanted to write something witty to brighten your day. But right now I am struggling in keeping my own thoughts in order to even write this; because my blood pressure is extremely high. I’m frustrated. I’m upset with people that don’t care. I’m down right pissed. I get so aggravated with people that treat me like I’m stupid because I don’t know what they know…Has that ever happened to you?

That’s when I have to remind myself,  ‘What is it that differentiates between an Adult and a Grown Child?’ For years I have struggled with this question while interacting with people. I have prayed many times for guidance and understanding. I have watched with open eyes and ears, trying to understand that people God brings into my path for a reason. With this, I have come to the conclusion that there are many Grown Children playing Adult. You are surrounded by them, all in different stages of growing; ranging from extremely polite and quiet to loud and arrogant. Do NOT let them dictate and malign you. You are an Adult. Hold your head high. Listen for the Lord. Understand who and what surrounds you, all while being polite and respectful. Then open your mouth and say something.
Here is only one key difference (out of many) between a Grown Child and an Adult. A Grown Child makes all decisions from what feels good, without regard for other people, Selfish. An Adult makes decisions with a degree of empathy for those in the situation. An Adult will make mistakes, but they learn from them and apologize quickly, while correcting and growing. Where are you?


What I am describing is a small nugget of a walk with Christ. Growing in empathy and understanding is a gift that involves your participation. Be honest with yourself. Allow good people to see and interact with the messy, miserable sides of ourselves. Keep your chin up; God has good things planned for you.


Thank you. This has been therapeutic for me and I hope good for you too.

Robert Colling

Friday, March 29, 2013

Leslie Godbold, How did I become a Host on Positively Living?

Leslie Godbold, How did I become a Host on Positively Living?

jesus follower , radio host and personality leslie godbold positively living
Leslie Godbold radio host of Positively Living , Asheville NC

Positively Living - Asheville NC on WZGM AM1350
As told by Leslie Godbold , Host of Positively Living
written by Dee Bolin

This Sunday at Noon- 1pm turn your radio to AM 1350. You will hear a woman’s gentle southern voice. Let me introduce the person behind that voice… Leslie Godbold , Host of Positively Living based in Asheville NC. Here is my story....

Towards the end of 2011, I owned and ran Asheville Stagers, one of the top home staging and redesign businesses in Western North Carolina. I had worked hard to start and grow my business into a successful business I was proud of and a positive reputation among my peers.

Most importantly, I was also a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. I had a comforting home on top of a hill situated North of Asheville NC. It was sort of remote since the only access was via a rough dirt road. But it was a beautiful place to relax and carry on enlightening conversations with my Lord and Savior. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ is very dear to me!

My New Year resolution for 2012 was to step out from my office and home to meet a fewmore people utilizing business networking groups. The first meeting I attended I was scared to death to speak with anyone. (Much less give a 30 second spill on my business.)In fact, I was so nervous, my asthma kicked in.  But I survived it and met a few very nice people. The thought “Ok I did it, once is enough” popped in my head however that is not me. I don’t quit! So I went again the next month.

By February as I prayed for inspiration, I obtained the knowledge that there wassomething I was being led to do during my conversations with Jesus. I could not figure it out, so I started praying for clarification on what the path was. I prayed, “Lord, show me what I can do to serve you and I will”  Boy, did he ever!  Within two hours,  I had emails from two leading people in Asheville, one owner of a Christian Based newspaper, the other the owner of a Christian radio station. I had never met nor would have ever met these men. I jumped in just as led by our Lord, Show me the path and I will walk it.

As the week followed, I had to create my simple radio show. I attended a four person networking event being led by a wonderful Christian. I heard “that” voice leading me to ask this stranger, if he would be a co-host on a totally raw radio show. He had been led to approach the same station owner about this same thing, wanting the same day and timeslot for the same purpose. When he had asked, it was already given to my show.  Jeff said yes and the rest is history.

I had been attending a Ladies Bible Study Series every Monday night. On the last night of the Bible Study, a dear Methodist Pastor, approached me and asked me to stand in front of the Bible study group and read a selection of verses. I was still not able to speak in front of people without asthmatic outbreaks and hot flashes from my nerves. But if I am asked to do for the Lord, I will take the step in my humble way to do it. But rest assured, I prayed right then and there. Father, please help me not make a fool out of my self or distract the ladies from your message by mispronouncing the words. (You know some words in the Bible are very difficult to pronounce.I am not going to share what happened that night, in this article but it is a story you need to hear:  I left that class knowing that we all have special talents that we have been given by Heavenly Father.  Often, we might not know our talents; but, He does! Our Savior will not ask us to attempt more than we are able.  If we do as we are commanded, He will carry us--- He is very qualified!

Over a year later, I am so blessed to still be on the air encouraging believers and seekers to follow the “Light” in all areas of their life- personal, spiritual, and business. I have been leading Christian based networking events for almost a year that are sponsored by the Christian based newspaper. I still do the work of the Lord in my unqualified, untrained, from the heart manner and I am blessed to be strengthened and guided by those around me along the way.

I am not a trained Christian leader but God doesn’t ask for the qualified, he wants the humble child that will step out because of faith in him. Where is the Savior leading you? Do you feel led to do something that does not make sense to you? Aren’t we blessed by the knowledge that Heavenly Father knows all.   Have you taken that step with the Lord before? Do you feel led to share? Please share with me your experience and/testimony; so that, others may be touched and inspired by your journey. Please share so He can use your Spiritual Journey to benefit and edify others.

I always say, Our Father in Heaven has such a great sense of humor. He takes a simple mother, grandmother and Follower of Jesus, who has a successful home staging business. He sees her fear of speaking in front of 20 people; thank goodness Heavenly Father gave me a chance to learn and magnify my new found talents. So He opens doors and instructs me to anchor a religious radio show and lead networking groups and events. He leads me to walk away from my successful business. He leads us to go where we find true miracles: I am so blessed by the people and miraculous events that I have witnessed.

I am not a trained Christian leader but God doesn’t ask for the qualified, he wants the humble child that will step out because of faith in him. Where is the Savior leading you? Do you feel led to do something that does not make sense to you? Aren’t we blessed by the knowledge that Heavenly Father knows all.   Have you taken that step with the Lord before? Do you feel led to share? Please share with me your experience and/testimony; so that, others may be touched and inspired by your journey. Please share so He can use your Spiritual Journey to benefit and edify others.

Remember don't wait to meet Jesus when you are sinless. He wants you Now! Just the way you are, sins~ thorns ~ and uncertainty!

May God Bless you and keep you, as you spread the Love of Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Friday Tenebrae Service at Alexander Chapel UMC Asheville NC

Good Friday Tenebrae Service at Alexander Chapel UMC , 880 Aiken Road, Asheville NC 28804
Good Friday March 29, 2013 7pm

Join us for a Powerful Scriptural Service remembering Christ's Journey to the Cross
                   Passion Scriptures,        Choir Musical,            Drama

Visitors are always Welcome! Please Join Us

Directions to Church.  interstate 26E, US 19/23 South to Exit 21, New Stock Road
Turn West, 1/2 mile to Aiken Rd, turn Left- Church is 1 mile on Left.

For more information call 779-2690

Positively Living Update on earlier show, Pastor Saeed

Update on Pastor Saeed from our guests:  Sec of State John Kerry issues a statement on Pastor Saeed! Tune in Sunday at noon for more info. Thanks Naghmeh and Jordan.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Positively Living extended episode "Save Pastor Saeed"

More info for our episode "Save Pastor Saeed, American, sentenced to 8 yrs in Iran's Torture Chamber for being a Christian" We would like to Thank Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed, and Jordan Sekulow, executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) for joining us on Positively Living.

Update on Pastor Saeed from our guests:  Sec of State John Kerry issues a statement on Pastor Saeed! Tune in Sunday at noon for more info. Thanks Naghmeh and Jordan.

I hope you experienced the love, desperation and the ability to help after listening to this episode of Positively Living.

To help,
1. Pray for Pastor Saeed, his family and other children of God in the Middle East
2. Go to to sign petition and more info.
3. "Like" Facebook Save Pastor Saeed Abedini

Words that touch my heart when hearing this story:
 John 21:15-17

15 When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter,“Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?”
“Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.”
Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”
16 Again Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”
Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.”
17 The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”
Jesus said, “Feed my sheep. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Naghmeh Abedini and Jordan Sekulow of ACLJ on Pastor Saeed imprisoned in Iran

american Pastor Saeed Abedini iran prison WZGM independent asheville radio
Naghmeh Abedini and Jordan Sekulow courtesy of and
As Told by, Positively Living host Leslie Godbold,
written by Dee Bolin

As a radio host of Positively Living on WZGM 1350am, I have heard my share of inspirational motivating topics usually leaving after each show with a heightened awareness of the power that positivity plays in a person’s life. My guests this week will inspire us, inform us and will share the light of Christ in an unique way. Our guests: Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed, and Jordan Sekulow , Executive Director of  the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), will be explaining the trials and tribulations of Pastor Saeed Abedini, an Iranian prisoner; this man’s crime is believing in and not denying Jesus Christ.  How often are we asked to sacrifice for our beliefs?  Let me explain a little about their story.

Sunday's show will broadcast to our listeners the latest developments in the plight of Pastor Saeed Abedini of Boise Idaho. Pastor Saeed was sentenced by Iranian court to serve eight years in Iran's Torture Chamber, Evin Prison,Tehran, Iran. Pastor Saeed was sentenced for being a threat to Iran –why!  Because he is a Christian and will not deny that belief!

Pastor Saeed was born in Iran into a Muslim family. He grew into a strong Muslin follower; but he was converted to be a Stronger follower of Jesus Christ and became an American citizen!  This pastor has walked a path of trials, tribulation and torture that many of us could never imagine.

It is well known that Pastor Saeed has been beaten, tortured and abused while in custody by Iran. The latest development, released within the last 24 hours, states that Pastor Saeed is suffering from serious medical conditions.  Naghmeh Abedini and Jordan Sekulow will appear on Positively Living Sunday to update our listeners on this dangerous situation.

Working behind the scenes with this story as it has been developing:  I walked into the studio prepared for a sad, depressing and very negative experience. Instead, I walked out smiling, after speaking to these interviewees, joyful,inspired and filled with the Love of Christ.

Both of these individuals shared their information in a very Christ-like manner. Jordan is a very caring, well-spoken professional who will provide each of us with actions that we can use to aid Pastor SaeedYes, we can make a difference in this man’s plight! Naghmeh is a wife, mother and follower of Christ who lives a life of service not onlyfor her husband, not only other Christians but she also wants to encourage each of you, as Christians. We,Christians, need to hear the motivating and encouraging words from this Christ-like woman: A woman suffering with the atrocities being done to her husband as well as the hardships that she and her children are enduring every day.  As this family is enduring to the end, they are doing all in their power to help others along the way.  Please keep the Pastor and his family in your prayers and learn more about this unfolding story this Sunday on "Positively Living" with Host , Leslie Godbold and Producer, Robert Colling.

Please tune in this Sunday Noon- 1pm for the next episode of "Positively Living" on WZGM  Asheville Independent Radio AM 1350  in western North Carolina or listen online at 

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Positively Living focuses on Bullies in the Workplace , Guest Ron Watkins

Positively Living  broadcasts from radio station AM1350 WZGM in Asheville NC. Sunday's episode of Positively Living is focused on Bullies in the Workplace!

Have you ,or someone you know, been the victim of Bullying in your workplace? If so, you may want to tune into our show to understand bullies and how to react. Sometimes it is difficult to point your finger on if it is bullying or just a bad boss.

This topic is not a positive issue which is what we strive for on Positively Living but to handle difficult and important problems in life, personally- spiritually and in business, we must be able to recognize and know how to handle the situation. We must also realize that it is not a fault in us but the bullying person.

We hear of bullying in schools and on playgrounds too . But bullying doesn't just happen to children. It is rampant in the workplaces across the world and in our own hometown.

Ron Watkins, of Mountain Sky Consulting , joins me to share important information on "Bullies in the Workplace"

Tune in on Sunday 8am for Positively Living on WZGM 1350am Independent Asheville Radio or stream online at

Information on our guest:

Ron Watkins @mskyconsult

Management consulting in the area of Organizational Behavior focusing on reducing the staggering cost of turnover and manager/employee related problems.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I am excited and look forward to "The Bible Series" airing on the History channel

Notes from Positively Living host, Leslie Godbold:
On Positively Living, our mission is to among other things, bring you news, life stories and events that may positively and lovingly  touch your life. With this in mind, I want to remind you of an event happening 8pm tonight on the History Channel, The Bible series.

I am excited and looking forward to "The Bible Series" airing on the History channel tonight Sunday 3/3/13 at 8pm EST.
There is much negativity and anger in the world. But I believe there is more positive and good that outweighs the bad.
One of the positive and good, is airing tonight. I ,and I hope you, will be sitting in front of the televisions, computers, etc watching the first episode of the 10 hour mini series The Bible".
So often I am asked, "Did you watch the bachelor, dancing with the stars, the voice, etc?" I have to answer No, I don't watch that.
But tonight I will be watching the all time Reality show "the Bible". Based on the living word of my Father in Heaven, God, Hosanna, the One and Only true God.
I hope you will be experiencing with me, life stories that bring joy, love and inspiration to me personally.

Thank you,
More info on the Bible series

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Positively Living guest Clint Parker , Prison Ministries and Community Newspapers

Positively Living guest Clint Parker co-owner of the Weaverville Tribune shares his experiences on  "Believers and Community Newspapers"
Clint Parker will share with you his life experiences dealing with inspirational parents, prison ministries, working and creating in the newspaper industry while we discuss the impact of community newspapers.
Please join us tomorrow , Sunday March 3, 2013 on 1350am WZGM in WNC or listen online at Tune In

Notes from Leslie:
We hope our next episode of Positively Living will open your eyes to the different connections and involvements of our guest, Clint Parker's story. Is time removing important community connections? Connections that once gone, may push each of us away from our neighbors and community concerns? Pushing us closer into "Me, me, me " instead of  Caring for our neighbors.
 If we are surrounded only by like minded persons, how can we connect with those in need?
 Thank you to our Father, Clint Parker, our listeners and readers and the Positively Living crew for contributing to this episode.

Positively Living guest Jeff Brooks. What do you do at 5,000 feet?

On our last episode of Positively Living, our guest was Jeff Brooks. Jeff is the senior  pastor of Amazing Grace Church and co- director of Alpha-NC-West.
Jeff shared his life story with us. Some of Jeff's life experiences include rebellion, drugs, taunting God in very high places and that life changing call.
Join us to learn how and when God stopped Jeff in his tracks? It is a story that may make you rethink some words you have heard before. Or it may do to you what it did for me, uplift and bring joy to my heart. You see, we believe at Positively Living, the Good News that refuels us and puts joy in our hearts may touch you too.
Do you party with your friends and try to find that thing that is missing in your life, heart, soul? You may try to find it in that drink, smoke or drug. Maybe you are looking for the thing that makes you feel the warmth and belonging in sex, jumping out of a plane, joining a gang or some other activity that leaves you good for a moment but just Doesn't last.
We say to you ......Keep your ears open and one day you will see that God is calling you. Yes You! Answer him and find that deep down love, we all need!

Notes from Leslie:
I would like to Thank Pastor Jeff Brooks for joining our show. His life story touched everyone on our Positively Living crew. You may have missed this episode, but our next story is airing this Sunday at 8am on AM 1350 WZGM. If you can't tune us in on your radio, you can listen by clicking this link Sunday mornings during the 8-9am hour.
If someone has a believers life story that touched you, please let us know. If it lightened your step or warmed your heart, someone listening may need that to open their heart, ease their journey or refuel some area of their life.  Thank you!